• Image of THE NOTWIST (Europe 2010)

Italy/Switzerland - Germany/Denmark 2010
Señor Burns gig poster #...

rare & uncut sheets

My 1st ever poster-collab with THE NOTWIST!

This diptychon for their 2010 euro tour dates along Italy/Switzerland on the left and Germany/Denmark on the right like these sheets were originally printed!
5 screens, some colour-overlays, printed on midnight-blue Fedrigoni board.

For the tour most of the sheets were cut and the pieces sold seperately.

I found a stack of these uncut posters, now available for you!

5 screens
300g midnight-blue SIRIO by Fedrigoni
70 x 50 cm / approx. 27.6" x 19.6"
signed and numbered as APs (artist proofs - since they are left-overs...)

Señor Burns

Germany - DHL Paket, tracking, rolled in hard-tube
Everywhere else - DHL letter, tracking, rolled in hard-tube