• Image of THE NOTWIST 2013 (unique TP)
  • Image of THE NOTWIST 2013 (unique TP)

One (or actually two!) unique test-print(s) of the sold-out gig poster for THE NOTWIST festival dates in 2013.

These have a different combination on the colour plate with the band name than the regular edition. I made a few of these to test color combinations. But there is only one each!

The story about this gig poster is one of the mysteries behind creative art.
When I made this poster in 2013 it was available on 13 shows, festivals during the summer. Markus Acher (the singer of the band) and I really loved the image, a scratch board work I prepared especially for this project. The edition was 120 and after the tour only 17! poster were sold. And we were confused.
About half a year later the poster started to sell very well from my online shop and on following poster shows.
It's one of my "sold out" posters for quite a while now...
While executing the final poster I was juggling with the colours on the band name below and made several versions.

Here's two of them to choose from:
a unique test print version.

40x60cm, white semi-automatic 250g
Print only - without frame!