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IT'S NOT NOT PrimaveraSound Festival 2017
Señor Burns gig poster #198

This poster was made for the 6th FLATSTOCK Poster Convention aside the Primaverasound Festival 2017 in Barcelona.

Once a guy was walking by, a bicycle wheel in one hand and his dog on a leach in the other. The dog had this thing on his had because of some illness. The only thing that not happened, was the guy wearing a watering can on his shoulder...
Yellow and red are part of the Catalan flag and since IT'S NOT NOT as a band from Barcelona is Catalan, everything makes sense.

3 colours
printed on natural white 300g
50 x 40 cm / approx. 19.7" x 15.7"
signed & numbered edition of 60

Illustration_design_handpulled screenprint:
Señor Burns