"FREISTIL" (art print)

160.00 - 260.00
"FREISTIL" (art print)


Art print with ten colours, layers mostly handpainted, handprinted.

(pic. 1) The sheet is already laminated on a soft-foam panel with 10mm thickness and glued into a wooden frame.

(pic. 4) The single sheet.

The "original" gallery version is an edition of 15 similar prints with a final colour scheme.
(only available by request / directly)

The offered "artist proof" edition has 7 sheets.
These prints have slightly different colours, but very close to the "original" edition. The "artist edition" is only available directly from Señor Burns.

10 colours printed on natural white board 300g 
70 x 50 cm
signed & numbered artist proof

Illustration/Design/Handprint: Señor Burns